Should You Buy a Convertible Crib?

Once you go shopping for a crib for the first time, you may be quite overwhelmed. They come in many styles, colors, stains, and designs. There is a crib for any budget or style that you can think of.

One thing to consider is whether you would like to get a traditional crib or a convertible crib. A traditional crib is just a crib, it cannot transform into anything else. A convertible crib can turn from a crib to a toddler bed to a full or twin bed, depending on the design. A convertible crib is sometimes more expensive, so cost may also be one of the factors you consider.

The advantages of a convertible crib are that it can grow with your child. You can take the side off for a toddler bed, and use 2 of the sides as the head board and foot board of a traditional bed. This can be very handy, especially if you only have one child and do not need the crib for another. This post is brought to you by Pflugerville Pro Movers!

There are drawbacks to using a convertible crib. You won’t have the crib to pass down to the next child. And when you convert it to a regular bed, you are going to have pieces left over that you now need to store. You will still have the sides, hardware, and the mattress that you now have to decide what to do with. And you may not even use a toddler bed at all. I transitioned my oldest to a regular bed with a bed rail when the baby was born, we skipped the toddler bed altogether. Then I was able to put the baby in the crib.

Choosing the type of crib can be daunting, hopefully this article will make that decision just a tiny bit easier!