Traditional Baby Cribs

Ever since baby cribs were launched they have always been perceived as the most important pieces of furniture for babies. Yet, the baby cribs have gone through a transition over the years and these days’ people still prefer to have Traditional Baby Cribs. There are numerous types of baby cribs to choose from including co-sleepers, bassinets and cradles. Styles vary from trendy to traditional and economical. No matter what your taste, the most important feature of your infant’s new crib is safety.

If the new crib looks adorable but isn’t safe for your baby then you’ve just wasted a lot of money. Many baby cribs will convert to toddler beds and day beds as your child grows older. This can be an important consideration if you don’t plan on having very many children. However, if you plan on having more than one child you’ll probably need to invest in another type of bed once your baby grows out of his crib.

You might have heard of drop side baby cribs. My friend who is the best bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta has one of these cribs that his wife bought and they love it. These are baby cribs with one side that drops down so you can easily place your baby in the crib with minimum fuss and effort. However, Consumer Reports has recently come out with a statement that drop side baby cribs might not be totally safe or reliable. They advise purchasing only cribs with stationary sides until more safety standards have been established for drop side cribs.

Another option that seems to be popular these days is the co-sleeper. A co-sleeper is a crib that sets next to the mother’s bed. One side of the crib sets lower so the baby can sleep next to the parent’s bed but in his own sleeping area. While this does allow the mother to sleep near her baby without the danger of rolling on top of him it doesn’t prevent bedding from sliding into the co-sleeper in the middle of the night. This could possibly be a dangerous situation.

You may think about using a bassinet, cradle, or co-sleeper for your infant but most safety experts agree that a baby is safest when sleeping in a stationary-type crib. Today, cribs must meet certain safety guidelines while the other sleep options do not. Choosing where your baby is going to sleep is an important consideration you should think about before bringing your infant home. Planning ahead and doing plenty of research on the safest baby cribs is time well spent.

Your baby will spend many hours sleeping in his crib so you should put as much thought and care into that purchase as possible. Some parents rush out and buy the first crib they see just because it looks cute and adorable. However, when it comes to your baby’s health, looks should come second after safety.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is also something to study on. To avoid possible complications associated with the syndrome be sure your baby always sleeps on his back, not the stomach. There also shouldn’t be any soft items placed in the crib with the baby including blankets, pillows, quilts, and stuffed animals.